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Welcome! Virtual Executive Services, LLC is your leading outsource solution for Online Business Manager (OBM) services. Imagine, just for a moment, what you could do with 2-5 free hours per week? VES helps clients take back their lives. I am your partner for success and I want the best for you! Having it all these days doesn't mean DOING it all yourself. What's likely to happen in your life if I return 90% of your phone calls and answer 60% of your e-mail? Very simply, working with VES is convenient and saves you money.


When you work with an OBM, giving away all the things that are not revenue generating, you will immediately be more able to move forward with the things you want to do. By using the time you regain in your life as a result of our partnership, you are able to focus on the things that really need your attention -- serving your clients, strategic marketing, and product and program development. I am masterfully skilled and completely ready to help you go for what you want in business and in life.

Did you know that wasting only 1 hour of your time a week (at $100/hour) will cost you $5,000 in billable revenues each year!?!  What if you are wasting more than an hour each week...??

VES can help to revolutionize the way you work. VES is your problem-solver, time-saver and an innovative means to a desirable end.   Call me to schedule a free one hour consultation to see if you are taking advantage of automation and support staff to generate revenue.



The longer you are inefficient, the more revenue you rob from yourself!  Do you constantly ask yourself, "Am I maximizing the best use of my time?"  An OBM helps you to put systems in place for clients management, administrative tasks, bookkeeping, accounting, create multiple revenue streams, develop a marketing system, and so on.  You concentrate on the tasks that generate cash flow and delegate everything else to your OBM!  Don't plan your future, plan your people! 

Call today to find out how Virtual Executive Services, LLC can help you!


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